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California to Change Voluntary Departure Rules

For some time, U.S. Border Patrol and Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) have been accused of mistreating and discriminating against undocumented immigrants, notably in respect to voluntary departures. The ACLU filed a class action lawsuit in June 2013 alleging numerous abuses, including “pre-checking” the voluntary departure box on forms the Border Patrol and ICE provided […]

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The Visa Waiver Program: What It Means For You

Getting a visa to travel is time consuming, nerve wracking and often expensive. For these reasons, as well as specific diplomatic favors performed, the United States created a program designed to ease that difficulty. The visa waiver program (VWP) is for citizens of thirty-eight countries, and it allows them to travel to the U.S. for […]

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The Right To Work: Obtaining Employment Authorization

When a person immigrates to the United States, they can do so temporarily, or with the intent to remain. Some categories of immigrants are given the right to work in a variety of different ways. An H-1B visa, for example, grants an immigrant the right to live and work in the U.S. doing specific work. […]

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Sanctuary!: Prohibiting Immigration Arrests On Church Grounds

The medieval concept of ‘sanctuary’ arose in England, in the seventh century, when King Aethelberht of Kent made the first laws that rendered certain churches safe havens, if only for short periods of time. After the Norman Conquest in 1066, the concept was even expanded; some churches could only extend sanctuary to those within the […]

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Possible Reform Coming to H1B Visa Quotas & Application

Amidst the furor of potential immigration reform and changes for undocumented immigrants, a more modest proposal seems to get lost in the proverbial shuffle. The Gang of Eight’s proposed bill pushes for an increased quota for H1B, or skilled worker visas. Even with the overall bill stuck in committee, the H1B reforms have a good […]

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