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Permanent Residence through Marriage to a U.S. Citizen

Getting Your Green Card – We Can Help You Become a U.S. Resident

Having Your Green Card Means You Can Live, Work and Raise A Family Here in the United States.

Bringing your fiancé or spouse to the United States with a visa is the first step to gaining permanent residence. Once you have satisfied the requirements, you may submit your application for a Green Card. A Green Card means the freedom to live here, work here and travel throughout the U.S. You can enjoy this freedom with your loved one – we can help you live your life together in comfort and safety. Live in freedom with the full legal rights of a Permanent U.S. Resident.

  • Work at the employer of your choice with a Green Card.
  • Raise a family with the peace of mind that your legal status is protected.
  • You can start a business – you can buy a house – you can live the American dream!

We will process all of the application documents for you and manage every step in the process for you until you have your Green Card! Hermin Dowe is an attorney and an immigrant so she understands the stress and fear associated with confronting government officials and bureaucratic paperwork. Schedule your private meeting with immigration attorney Hermin Dowe and you will get the answers to your questions and a written plan to get your Green Card. Call 510-233-7700 today for your appointment.

An application to the USCIS office having jurisdiction over the US citizens (petitioners) residence is the first step. Usually, this is a one-step filing, meaning that one applies for petition approval, adjustment of status, and work authorization all at the same time. The USCIS will issue an employment authorization document (EAD), usually within 90 days of applying. The USCIS then arranges marriage interviews for the couple. This may take from two months to over two years, depending on the USCIS jurisdiction. The USCIS will examine documents and question the applicants to determine the bona fides of the marriage. Documents one should be prepared to produce include:

  • wedding photographs,
  • tax returns,
  • joint bills,
  • joint leases or deeds,
  • joint bank accounts,
  • insurance documents naming each spouse as beneficiaries.

If the immigration officer suspects that the marriage was entered into solely for immigration purposes, USCIS may investigate at the candidate’s home and place of work. If the marriage is less than 2 years old at the time of interview, then the green card will be issued as conditional, and it will expire in 2 years. The applicant and spouse must file papers to have the conditions removed within the 90 day period prior to the expiration of the green card. They must then return for another interview to have the conditions removed.

If the US citizen resides abroad, the paperwork must be submitted and processed at the appropriate US consulate. The process is nearly the same but the waiting time is less – from two to six months.

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